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The New Hampshire Association of REALTORS just sent out this message from President Jim Lyons.Designated Agency bill a success!

Good afternoon,

For those who have not yet heard, House Bill 1384, the Designated Agency bill, passed the full Senate this morning (March 27), leaving the Governor’s signature as the only remaining step before it becomes law, with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2009.

The purpose of this message is to thank 2007 President Bonnie Guevin for having the foresight and courage to establish the 2007 Agency Task Force; and, to thank and congratulate the Agency Task Force members, under the leadership of Chair Kathy Roosa, for their efforts in providing the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® the roadmap that led to the bill’s successful passage by the House and Senate.

It is sometimes no small feat to achieve victory within the New Hampshire legislative process. I am well aware of the political minefield awaiting any bill introduced; however, I am very pleased and proud that we were able to collectively represent the best interests of consumers and our members before the Legislature in a manner that proved to be credible. Thank you to our Public Policy Committee, with the guidance of Chair Jeff Keeler and Government Affairs Director Chris Nicolopoulos, for leading that effort at the State House.

With the Governor’s signature on HB 1384, we can begin the next steps to educate REALTORS® across New Hampshire on this important and beneficial enhancement to the Real Estate Practice Act.

Thank you all for your superb efforts!


Jim Lyons, REALTOR®
2008 President, NHAR


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  Special Announcement from the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS

Register Now:  GRI 103 is Coming Soon!

There are still openings available for the second Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) session of 2008 — GRI 103— scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, April 7-8, at the Holiday Inn in Concord.

GRI is a REALTOR® designation given to those who have completed 96 hours of NAR-accredited coursework in seven educational modules within a five-year period.  The designation helps increase income potential, develop self-confidence, sharpen real estate skills and build a strong referral network with classmates.  Ultimately, it is a designation that helps bring REALTORS® to a level where they are recognized as leaders in the industry.

The subjects within GRI 103 are: Code of Ethics; REALTOR® Professional Guidelines; Contracts; and Agency, with 103 being the second of the seven modules to be presented this year.  Courses will be taught by veteran NAR-certified real estate instructor Monika McGillicuddy and Matt Johnson, an attorney who oversees the legal hotline for NHAR.

To learn more about GRI and the 2008 schedule, click here.  To register, click here or call the NHAR office at 225-5549.

NOTE: Discounted Holiday Inn rates are available to those who reserve a room by March 17.  Call 603-224-9534 to take advantage of this special offer.

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A LEGISLATIVE UPDATE from the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS covering…



(This is one in a series of New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® Legislative Updates that will run throughout the 2008 legislative session.  For more information, call Chris Nicolopoulos at 603-225-5549 or e-mail him by clicking here.)

House Bill 1384 is a proactive piece of legislation NHAR created in order to permit Designated Agency in offices that opt to practice it.  Designated Agency is an alternative business model that reduces the occurrence of Dual Agency where it is implemented.

On February 12, after considerable discussion among its members, the House Commerce Committee voted 15-1 that the legislation Ought To Pass, meaning the bill now has a strong Committee endorsement as it goes to a vote on the House Floor, as part of the consent calendar, on March 5.  If it is approved in the House, it will next be on to the Senate, and NHAR will continue to follow this important piece of legislation and testify on its behalf when appropriate.

Among the other legislative highlights relevant to the real estate industry:

House Bill 544 would have provided a broad exemption from the statue requiring an auctioneer’s license for any person selling property (including real property) for another through the internet.  NHAR opposed the legislation, arguing that it would have unfairly provided a loophole allowing for persons to act as an agent for the sale of real estate without the required license.  Without that license, both sellers and consumers of property would be without the protection normally afforded by the Board of Auctioneers.  The House Executive Departments and Administration Committee originally voted that the bill Ought To Pass, but after considerable concern voiced by interested parties, including auctioneers and REALTORS®, it was recommitted to the committee, which ultimately voted that the bill was Inexpedient To Legislate (ITL).

Senate Bill 142, an act relative to the regulation of real estate brokers and salespersons by the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission, was introduced in the 2007 session and held over in the Senate to be worked on over the summer.  In early 2008, the Senate passed an amended version of bill that provides numerous technical changes to the Real Estate Practice Act, most notably increasing the minimum required Continuing Education elective hours from 6 to 9.  Additionally, we are happy to report that the Senate has removed language that would have limited a minority owner’s ability to sell their own real estate without obtaining a license.  This bill should see action in a house committee within the next month, and NHAR will continue to monitor its progress.

Senate Bill 435 would have required the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) to consider not only direct but also indirect impacts of a project proposal on wetlands before granting a dredge and fill permit.  The Commissioner of DES objected, as did the REALTORS®, who argued that the legislation, if passed into law, would:  increase review time for all wetland approvals; constitute the start of statewide zoning; and reduce the number of individual lots in any potential subdivision, thereby driving up the cost of construction.  Despite the original 4-1 vote in favor of the legislation, NHAR, DES and other stakeholders shared their concerns with Senators prior to a floor vote, and ultimately the Senate unanimously agreed that the bill needed additional work.  It was sent to interim study, which will allow the Senate to look at the i ssue over the summer and, if deemed appropriate, introduce new legislation for the 2009 session.

For more information, call Chris Nicolopoulos at 603-225-5549 or e-mail him by clicking here.

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