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Blogging and Social Media

I will be presenting at the Greater Manchester Nashua Board of REALTORS monthly Tech “Bytes” luncheon being held on Thursday, May 27, 2010 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. at the GMNBR office located at 166 South River Road, Bedford, NH 03110.

The presentation will be all about Blogging and Social Media for REALTORS and understanding the importance of key words and tags and how they relate to helping you be found on the internet. I will also explore how to use social media sites and how to utilize all the web 2.0 tools available to get your blog up and running fast.

Tech Bytes for REALTORS

Tech “Bytes” are mini tech training workshops are provided to GMNBR REALTOR and Affiliate members to provide useful tools and resources to enhance your business.  Admission is free and lunch will be sponsored by Regency Mortgage.

If Blogging and Social Media is a mystery to you then this is the place to be!

Contact GMNBR to sign up and unravel the mystery.


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Social Media 101

Being presented at the Granite State South Board of REALTORS in Windham NH on Jan 4 2010. This is the 1st class in a continuing series of web related workshops.

9 to 10:30 a.m. cost $15.00 per-person

For details visit and to register >>> http://www.gssbr.org/calendar/cal_popup.php?mode=view&id=532

Social Media workshop series

Social Media 101

The course is designed to give real estate professionals an overview of what they will need to know to participate responsibly in a Web 2.0 Connected environment. Technology has transformed many essential elements of the real estate process.  Today, new and experienced agents find that they need to understand the dynamics of the online community or becoming irrelevant to the home buying or selling process. We give and over view of all the popular Social Networking sites and talk about how to best leverage them to make them work for you.

Upcoming Social Media classes

FaceBook 101

Hands-on training on building your profile, understanding the dynamics of one the the largest social networking sites. Learn how to promoting yourself and your product through social networking while avoiding the pitfalls and liability.

Twitter 101

Hands-on training on building your profile, connecting with people and promoting your brand through a very popular micro blogging site.

Blogging 101

The heart of your social networking. Learn  what a blog is and why you should be blogging.

These workshops are designed to help you leverage the power of the fastest growing  social media sites and teach you how to utilize all the web 2.0 tools available thus get you up and running fast in this exciting new media.

Blogging Workshop… Create your own blog!

This is a 4 hour intense workshop where you will build your own blog. Stay tuned for dates.

Monika McGillicuddy


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2009 will be the year of web 2.0 awaking for many New Hampshire  REALTORS.  Are you ready for it?  If not you might be left in dust…

I’ve listed a few of my top “must do” for all NH REALTORS

1. Join and set up a profile on Flickr.com and be sure to upload all your community pictures. Your focus here should be on exposure and ultimately engaging with the consumer.

2. Join Facebook.com and set up a profile be sure to join the NH REALTOR group and any other group that attracts you.

3. Join LinkedIn. This is a professional group and setting up a profile here is a must!

4. Explore Twitter.com and search out local twitter members.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @monimcg.

5. If you haven’t started Blogging you should join Active Rain the number one real estate social networking site, it’s free and the best place to learn about blogging so join by clicking here. Remember this is a social networking site where you will be one of over 100,000 members. Blogging on Active Rain is a great place to be but you should not put all your blogging eggs in one basket.

6. Once you feel comfortable you should think about setting up your own Blog site where the majority of your blogging efforts should be.  If you need help doing that consider taking one of my upcoming Blogging classes. Or hire someone to create a blog site for you like Jay, you can see an example of his work here... Jay McGillicuddy’s wordpress Blog or check out my blog at www.NHRealyScoops.com

Mind your manners

*** Someone said that joining a social networking site is just like going to a party that you’ve always wanted to be invited to.  I totally agree with that!  You wouldn’t walk in and immediately start selling yourself or your products. You would start talking and engaging with the people at the party…getting to know them… long before you ever ask for business.

Social Networking  is a community…and just like when someone speaks to you in your neighborhood (your real life community)  you answer them, if you’re invited over for coffee, you return the invite.  Social Networking is the same way only most of talking is via commenting and the visiting is via blogs.  Answer the comments people leave on your blog or photos and go visit their blogs or photos in return.  Remember to Engage!

Are you ready for it??

Happy New Year everyone!

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We just got back from the NAR convention in Orlando and what a jam packed event it was…I’m still exhausted! Can you get jet lag just from flying from Orlando to NH??

Check out my blog for high lights and pictures of the convention and my FaceBook page for more wacky photos. Blogging was huge at the convention- just HUGE…if you don’t have a blog you might want to check out some of the very cool Blogs that Jay has built using wordpress.org he is turning into a major Blogmaster!

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I love this YouTube video explanation.

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