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NH Disclosure form page 1

As most New Hampshire agents know, there a have some changes to our Agency options with the adoption of Designated Agency and Facilitator.

All these changes become effective Jan 1 2009 and while no one has to adopt the changes right away they do need to use the new disclosure form immediately!

The new required Agency Disclosure form is now called Brokerage Relationship Disclosure and it is required to be used as of today January 1 2009.

The new form is 2 pages and it is the only Brokerage Disclosure form allowed to be used and approved by the NH REC.

It is posted on the NH Real Estate Commission website and on NHAR’s website.

If you’re showing homes and meeting the buyers for the 1st time make sure you are using this new form…Brokerage Relationship form.Disclosure form

Happy Selling in 2009!


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